Mercedes F 015

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion

To electronics show in Las Vegas Daimler has prepared a concept F 015 Luxury in Motion (“luxury in motion”). Futuristic car was a system of Autonomous control and power unit on hydrogen fuel cells.
Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion
By its size and the size of the wheelbase F 015 Luxury in Motion larger than the current generation S-Class, which helped to create a very spacious and comfortable cabin. In the design of the carrier body is widely used carbon fiber, aluminum and high strength steel.
For the maximum convenience of the users of the car equipped with folding doors, which open at an angle of 90 degrees, providing easy access to the spacious lounge.
In Dvizheniye machine leads 270-horsepower power plant, which consists of two electric motors (135 HP each). Energy for them is produced from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, they can be powered from a set of lithium-ion batteries that are charged from a household outlet. With such an Arsenal of concept can accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds and its maximum speed reaches 200 km/h Fully charged hydrogen tanks and charged the battery enough to overcome up to 1100 km, and 200 km – at the expense of batteries.
Driver’s seat and front passenger seat can be turned through 180 degrees. For the organization of mobile office back wall, table and all door cards have built-in LCD displays.
Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion
The dashboard is designed as one large touch display, which is able to react to motion eye driver.
The driver can control the car yourself or to pass on the reins of power electronics. The autopilot receives all necessary information from cameras, laser and ultrasonic sensors, as well as through detailed maps of your area. In addition, the electronics is able to “communicate” with other vehicles, road infrastructure and people. When Autonomous control front seats can be turned by 180 degrees. The interaction between passengers and the machine is carried out through six monitors, which are located on the dashboard, door cards and the rear wall of the basket. To control your car can finger movements on the screen, as well as gestures and eye movements.